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Hauste, vol. 2, 3 & 4

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Hauste is a magazine for everyone embracing Sustainability, Community and Food

Vol. 4 – Health
Published 2018/19

Vol. 3 – Community
Published 2017/18

Vol. 2 – Food and Ecology
Published 2016

Vol. 1 (sold out!)
Published 2015


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Empathy. Hauste is at the forefront of the contemporary generation of solutions-oriented thinkers and doers. With the goal of being a bridge between the old and the new, the tradition keepers and the innovators, the underground and the public domain we want to gather honest stories about real people who are dedicated to serve and create our sustainable future.

«Hauste» in Norwegian dialect means «to harvest». The magazine was born out of Food Studios growing forests of changemakers – with the aim of harvesting authentic, deep-rooted stories, while nourishing people with knowledge and inspiration about green choices and a sustainable lifestyle. By weaving together experiences of sustainability from all levels of society, we also encourage and invigorate the public debate about the green transition. In multiple formats of text and image we explore the question of what a life in accordance with nature entails in practice. Through interviews, innovative research, columns, DIY/practical does and& dont´s, literary extracts, recipes, pieces of art and longer feature articles, Hauste offers a playful, attractive and thought-provoking magazine, which can be enjoyed in both urban boardrooms and rural backyards!

Hauste is created by the Food Studio community.

Publisher-in-Chief: Cecilie Dawes
Editor: Mira Beckström Laurantzon
Art Direction: Åsmund Seip / Heia Folk
Design: Growlab Oslo + Heia Folk